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Starting a business requires intense amount of resources, dedication and work no matter what industry you are in. Business insurance is crucial for protecting the investment in your business, but not every business insurance policy is created equal.

Dietz, Futrell & Walters Insurance, Inc. works with a variety of business owners operating in multiple industries. Our insurance professionals are dedicated to providing business insurance to cover the risks your business faces day in and day out.

What Does Business Insurance Cover?

General Liability

General liability insurance covers non-professional negligence and accidents that may occur through everyday activity in your business. This includes bodily injury, property damage and personal and advertising injury.

For example, if someone is injured on your business’ property, general liability insurance can cover the victim’s medical bills as well as protect your business from a possible lawsuit resulting from the accident.

Personal and advertising injury doesn’t cover physical damage. Instead, it covers incidents such as libel, slander, theft of advertising ideas, copyright infringement, wrongful conviction and more.

Additional liability coverages you may add to your policy includes:

Products Liability: Products liability covers bodily injury and property damage that may be caused by a product provided by the business.

Liquor Liability: Liquor liability insurance protects businesses who serve alcohol in case a patron causes bodily injury or property damage to someone else.

Professional Liability: Professional liability insurance covers professional negligence that may cause a client to lose money.

Umbrella Liability: Umbrella liability insurance fills in the gaps left by other liability insurance policies. If your general liability insurance policy reaches its limit for a single claim, for example, umbrella insurance can step in to cover the remaining costs.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation covers injuries your employees may suffer on the job. This insurance can cover medical bills, wage replacement, disability expenses and, in extreme cases, death benefits.

If an employee is injured on the job, a workers compensation claim should be field to cover their medical expenses and protect the business against a possible lawsuit. As a rule, businesses in North Carolina must carry workers compensation if they have three or more employees. Even a single employee may benefit from workers compensation insurance, however.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles owned or used by a business. A full coverage commercial auto insurance policy may include a lot of the same coverages as a personal auto insurance policy, such as:

Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage provides compensation for damages to the vehicle due to fire, wind, hail, lightning, theft, vandalism and more.

Collision Coverage: Collision coverage provides compensation for damages to the vehicle due to a collision with another vehicle or object.

Liability: Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage the driver may cause while operating the insured vehicle.

Medical Payments: Medical payments coverage covers the medical bills of the driver and their passengers after an accident, no matter who caused the accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: This insurance covers accidents involving drivers who are not carrying insurance.

Additional coverage is also available. If your business hires, rents or borrows vehicles, you may need Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance.

Protect Your Business

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Common Business Insurance Questions

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance serves to provide compensation in case your business is unable to operate temporarily after an accident. If a flood renders your business’ physical property unusable, however, business interruption insurance can help cushion your business’ lost income from this time without operation.

How Many Employees Qualifies for Small Business Insurance?

The qualifications for a small business varies depending on your industry. Speak with an insurance agent about whether or not your business qualifies for a small business depending on your employee numbers and industry. On average, a small business may have less than 100 employees.

How Much Business Insurance for a Car?

The cost of commercial auto insurance depends on your location, coverage limits, value of the vehicles and other factors. Find out more about insuring your commercial vehicles.


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